Test Adapter N-Level PA-043 up to 63A
with safety test bushings
☞ Function tests
according to IEC
☞ External analysis of the CP
signal via test socket

Intended Use
The N-Box test adapter is exclusively intended for carrying out tests of charging columns for electric vehicles with connection socket type 2 (mode 3). For this purpose, the test adapter establishes the connection to the charging pole in accordance with IEC 61851. Use for other purposes is not permitted. In particular, the test sockets must not be used to connect electrical loads to the charging pole.

☑ Error simulation
☑ Vehicle simulation
☑ Cable simulation

☑ Indicator of the phase voltages
☑ L1, L2, L3, N, PE Safety test sockets
CP Safety test socket

Operating Instructions

Vehicle simulation - CP

According to IEC 61851, the states A, B, C and E can be simulated. The different vehicle states
are set via the rotary switch (1).
● Condition A
Wallbox Ready, no vehicle connected
● Condition B
Vehicle connected, not ready to charge
● Condition C
Vehicle connected and ready to charge, no external ventilation required
● Condition D
Vehicle connected, request for external ventilation
● Condition E
Error - Short circuit CP-PE via internal diode
● State F
Signaling of the power supply device that a fault condition has been detected

Cable simulation - PP

According to IEC 61851, the different codings for charging cables from 13 A to 63 A can be
simulated. In addition, it is possible to simulate the "no cable" state.
The simulation of the different charging cables is done by switching different resistors
between PP and PE using the rotary switch (2). The following values are possible:
No cable 0 Ohm
13A cable 1500 Ohm
20A cable 680 Ohm
32A cable 220 Ohm
63A cable 100 Ohm

Test procedure

Simplified procedure for practical use:
1) Select the home position on the PA-043 using the rotary switch: Vehicle status A "no
2) Select cable type on PA-043 by rotary switch, typical: 32A
3) Setting the wallbox to operational readiness
4) Insert the type 2 test plug of the PA-043 into the wallbox.
5) Select vehicle status B on the PA-043 using the rotary switch: "Vehicle connected".
6) Checking the Type2 plug locking by means of audible latching noise and pull test
7) Select vehicle status C on the PA-043 using the rotary switch: "Vehicle ready for charging".
8) Perform mains check via phase control display and measurements via the test
sockets on the PA-043
9) Select vehicle status E on the PA-043 using the rotary switch: "Communication fault".
10) The wallbox responds with state F "Error state detected".
11) Perform safe mains disconnection via phase control display and measurement via the
test sockets on the PA-043