Capto is proud Partner of N-Level

N-Level Technology


An idea matured over 10 years, patent pending as N-Level technology, the spirit and freedom to change the world. Combined with over 10 years of market observation to choose the best time to start up: EXACTLY NOW.

The Technology enables an ISO Standard for Batteries like it happened to the screw market 100 Years ago.

The technology will solve all energy conversion issues and power balancing issues and be cheaper and more reliable.

Who profits?
The environment, since accumulators and battery storage systems, especially in mobile applications, cannot be used until the end of their service life. The automotive industry, since the time-consuming selection, energy-intensive forming and balancing of battery cells is no longer necessary. The operators of photovoltaic systems, especially large-scale systems, since the series and parallel connection of 1000send modules is no longer wired in a fixed manner, but is instead connected dynamically in arbitrarily small groups via the energy storage devices. The users of stationary and mobile energy storage systems, e.g. users of e-vehicles, are able to connect two energy storage systems (e-vehicles) directly with each other and freely select the direction of energy flow. 

How do we change the world?
The disruptive technology presented here will significantly change our lives in the following ways. The cost-intensive construction of charging parks based on DC charging stations is no longer necessary, since every vehicle can directly accept AC voltage, for example, for systemic reasons. The supply capacity of the existing energy grid infrastructure no longer plays a role in the choice of location for charging points, since load peaks are mapped from energy storage and energy can be recharged over hours or days. Each energy storage device, e.g. e-vehicle or stationary energy storage, can directly and simultaneously build up several independently controlled power grids (power supply grid, photovoltaic modules, heat pumps, block heating power plant, wind or water power) in bidirectional energy flow direction without additional devices. This enables the direct connection of consumers or energy generation directions (e.g. PV modules, wind turbines) to an e-vehicle in island mode at any location. Stationary energy storage systems, e.g. for home, business or industry, offer 
systemically conditioned the possibility to also connect external mobile energy storage devices (e.g. e-vehicles) bidirectionally with DC or AC voltage directly without further components with high power. The markets are thus: Home energy storage, charging infrastructure, e-vehicles, photovoltaics, backup power supplies for commercial and hospitals, shipping.